cgpbadgeuclalogoUCLA Symposium: Adapting to Massive Media Change: Technology Fundamentals and Industry Trends

On April 4th, Marty Schindler, creator of The Shindler Perspective, which provides management and business expertise to a wide range of creative and technology companies, Steve Klinenberg, General Manager of Gravillis, a visual communications company that designs advertising campaigns for the entertainment industry, and William Nix, CPG Chairman, spoke on the subject of the Future of TV. Their panel was part of a day-long UCLA symposium entitled Adapting to Massive Media Change: Technology Fundamentals and Industry Trends. The symposium was organized and led by CPG Advisory Board Member and UCLA Instructor, Stuart Volkow. It addressed the following topics: "The global media landscape is changing at an accelerating pace. Creative decisions, careers, companies, and entire industries are becoming obsolete. How will you keep up and adapt? Will your job exist next year? Can your start-up idea succeed? This one-day symposium consisted of lectures and guest speakers who provided insights into the trends in technology and consumer behaviors needed to understand to succeed in the global media and entertainment industries. Topics included mobile and social media, the future of TV, movies, music and gaming, the global impact of online video, and the changing habits of media consumers around the world. Panels addressed controversial issues around digital advertising, privacy, piracy, security, and business models." Other speakers at the symposium included: Flint Dille, Creative Director, Niantic Labs, Writer and Game Designer; Guy Bendov, President and CEO, Sidekick Games; Nancy Bennett, Chief Content Officer, Two Bit Circus; Ryan White, Assistant U.S. Attorney, Cyber and IP Crimes Section; and Bryan Ellenburg, Security Consultant, Content Delivery and Security Association.

Further information on the UCLA symposium can be found at: UCLA Extension - Course, Instructor Bio, and Course Materials