cgpbadgeicelogoWilliam Nix, Chairman of Creative Projects Group®, has joined the Advisory Board of International Cinema Education™

International Cinema Education, Inc. (I.C.E.) was launched in 2003 as a United Nations "Global Classroom" to which New York City public high school students were invited each month for a free tour of the UN and screening of a foreign film. More than 50 films have been shown to more than 10,000 New York City students from over 100 public high schools. With the help of Ambassadors, U.N. tour guides, actors, directors and producers, these students have been "transported" into worlds beyond their imagination and learned about countries they never knew existed.

The Mission of ICE is to fulfill the vision of teaching high school students about global issues, using the medium of film to:

  • Serve as a catalyst to facilitate discussions, to teach international events, global finance, cross cultural affairs, and multi-disciplinary subjects.
  • Encourage students to prepare themselves to compete in a global marketplace.
  • Expose students to conflict resolution techniques that are inclusive of cultural acceptance and understanding.
  • Supply teachers with lesson activities that include handouts, pre and post curriculum about films screened and themes discussed, and multi-disciplinary studies.
  • Offer social, political and economic overviews about international countries by using film, literature and/or briefings.
  • Prepare students for the global market place and to compete with students from other countries.

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