Cynthia Cleveland, Board of Advisors


Cynthia is an expert in developing, translating and monetizing intellectual property rights into major global consumer brands and new businesses across diverse industries. Her combined businesses have generated over $4 billion in worldwide sales across consumer product, entertainment, and publishing brands. As CEO/President of five companies, she has a track record of identifying and capitalizing on emerging trends to create new businesses. Industry experience has included successfully navigating Fortune 500 companies, running a venture backed business, and launching an entrepreneurial digital business. With over 20 years of product development and marketing expertise, she has successfully directly introduced over 1,000 products for well-known companies such as Universal Studios, Carnation Foods, Mattel Toys, Teleflora floral gifts, and Imaginarium toy stores.

Cynthia is currently a partner in CEO Coaching International where we “coach entrepreneurs to extraordinary results.” CEO Coaching International is the leading coaching firm for growth-focused CEOs and entrepreneurs. Their approach has ensured that clients have clearly defined goals, and have correctly identified the necessary talent and the specific actions to achieve those goals. Through coaching, they systematically execute on these goals while resolving whatever may get in the way. Having high level CEO experience for over 20 years, which she relates to her clients, she understands the unique business challenges of growing a company.

As one of the three founding partners in Broadthink, she brings great expertise to developing brands. Broadthink has operated for nearly seventeen years as a media, marketing and branding company dedicated to optimizing the visions of businesses and individuals. Broad Think's Mission is to maximize opportunities while minimizing risk without compromising a brand's soul--through merchandising and licensing programs, media (books, TV, film, magazines, interactive games, syndicated columns), and marketing (promotions, database development, and direct sales).

Cynthia is also an experienced board director having served on 10 fiduciary and non-profit boards. She currently serves on the Myers Briggs Board and is chair of the Audit committee and is an International board member for Young President’s Organization and service on the Board of Advisors for Indiana University and a trustee for the Committee for Economic Development, a business-led public policy organization. Professional organizations include National Association of Corporate Directors, Women Corporate Directors.


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